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Weight training for women

Women are afraid of becoming too muscular in doing weight training . They can start with a fullbody starting with the upper body. Just avoid the exercises work the back width and limit exercises for shoulders. Many women who want to start in bodybuilding who dare not start for fear of becoming too muscular and read more »

How to exercise your gluteal muscles

A strength training program to build strength and mass glutes, and a fitness program for work in isolation from buttocks to tone the muscles. A strength training program for the glutes is not very complex to implement. It all depends on your goal : Muscle mass glutes , in parallel with strong involvement of quadriceps read more »

A guide to building massive calves!

To have big calves , the 1st rule is the result and the second is the result according to their anatomical characteristics , including removing the elastic energy during training exercises for calves. ” Why is it so hard to develop his calves , how to have big calves ? “Is a fairly common question read more »

Abdominal Exercises & Abdominal Workouts

Here are 5 strength training programs for the abs , easy programming , and other much harder . The abs programs are fast enough, you can make at the end of the session, or between workouts bodybuilding . With summer , applications are more and more for strength training programs for the abdominals. We ‘ll read more »

How to Build Bigger Chest Muscles

Prioritize work the pectoral is an excellent solution to improve progress on this muscle. But it must be done properly , not have imbalances. Use only in case of delay. Prioritize chest is a common fact . Because this muscle group is often late for many practitioners and is often the first to be driven read more »

Women vs Bodybuilding

Nothing is more difficult to suggest a woman practicing traditional bodybuilding. Yet the female physique can only get better in the working muscles ! No, do exercises with weights is not going to turn you into a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger , give you big arms or legs of a shot putter ! Less read more »

Quality of proteins : animal or vegetable

The question should be simple, but it is not. However, even if there is up to 140 substances in nature that resembles the amino acids , only 20 of these amino acids are used to make proteins in our body and about eight of them are considered essential. Foods that are low in one or read more »

Sports nutrition daily

The top athletes benefit from expert advice on nutrition to better prepare for the tests. But the diet is to serve all athletes , whether on Sunday or week . Fans should also learn to eat well to better live their passion, bodybuilding. Knowing the right fuel According to the performed activity , physical exertion read more »

Back bodyweight exercises

Back bodybuilding can be done with dumbbells, a pull bar, a gym ball, elastic or without equipment. Traction runs with a rower or a flat bar, the floor sheathing is feasible without equipment, the rowing is a possible exercise with a dumbbell or bar and expenses. Back muscle responds to an aesthetic concern, having a read more »

5 Exercises for arm muscle

Say goodbye to your flabby arms and your shoulders raplaplas. Just like the abs and buttocks, arms are a part of the body that you dream of having muscular without looking like He-Man. The solution: small targeted exercises that will sculpt your chest gently and permanently, your shoulders or your biceps. Find pretty muscular with read more »