Back bodyweight exercises

backBack bodybuilding can be done with dumbbells, a pull bar, a gym ball, elastic or without equipment. Traction runs with a rower or a flat bar, the floor sheathing is feasible without equipment, the rowing is a possible exercise with a dumbbell or bar and expenses.

Back muscle responds to an aesthetic concern, having a V back, and driving efficiency and health as muscle strengthening exercises help prevent dorsal kyphosis, back pain and back pain.

Objectives of back bodybuilding

Aesthetics, efficiency and health are the common issues of a muscular back and a flat stomach.


A slender

The development of the back muscles provides a silhouette both slender and strong. This is an essential criterion for aesthetic cultruristes.

Fat loss

His back muscles is also lose belly fat because it works more muscles than basal metabolism increases. The latissimus dorsi is the largest muscle of the body, strengthening and increasing its muscle fibers will lead a high intake of calories at rest for his own maintenance.

Driving efficiency

The isometric muscle type back or sheathing back optimizes the transfer of the various forces acting upon an athletic gesture.


It is essential to muscle back to stop a kyphosis due to aging or poor posture or to avoid a weakening of the spinal muscles and muscle including the main factor of low back pain, the multifidus.