A guide to building massive calves!

Calves training
Calves training

To have big calves , the 1st rule is the result and the second is the result according to their anatomical characteristics , including removing the elastic energy during training exercises for calves.

” Why is it so hard to develop his calves , how to have big calves ? “Is a fairly common question on the bodybuilding forums .

First, we must take into account the anatomical aspects described in the previous page.

Genetics is a key component in determining the ease of development of calves. Indeed a short calf will be difficult to develop, while a long calf respond very well to training. Some ( thanks in part to this) huge calves as they never work , or facilities to develop them. Add to this the fact that in most men androgen receptors ( which bind to testosterone ) are much more abundant on the upper body than the lower body , which makes the development of the muscles of the lower body more difficult.

It should also be noted that the Achilles tendon has excellent stretchability . When under stress , the tendons stretch and accumulate elastic energy , which then allows the body to make an effort without tiring releasing this energy.

Thus the human body has adapted to walking, developing a system of locomotion based on the accumulation of elastic strength rather than muscle power to move a long time without getting tired. This is also the reason why some practitioners train their calves without results when they use huge loads , they do not actually work their muscles (but only use the elastic force ) , and they must put a lot of weight exercises on their calves and perform many repetitions to feel their legs work .

Add to this the fact that if you do not train your calves , they never swell ! Calves as much as other muscles need to be trained to grow, and the rules applying to other muscles also apply to them. Care must be taken to allow sufficient rest, work intensely , and especially working out the whole calf effectively, that very few practitioners are bodybuilding .

For there is a safe bet that if you put as much energy to work your calves your biceps or your chest , they would be much bigger than they are now.

In addition , think about work both muscles. Because even if the twins ( gastrocnemius ) are the superficial muscles , so the more visible a good development you will soleus muscle calves over their entire length .