Weight training for women

Weight training for women
Weight training for women

Women are afraid of becoming too muscular in doing weight training . They can start with a fullbody starting with the upper body. Just avoid the exercises work the back width and limit exercises for shoulders.

Many women who want to start in bodybuilding who dare not start for fear of becoming too muscular and ” deformed ” . There is however no reason to worry as it is absolutely impossible to become too muscular ( e) without doping .

Men have hormones facilitate decision- mass ( testosterone) , however, even for them, taking mass is long and difficult. So for women , no risk of becoming too muscular too fast.

So women can train as hard as men, without fear of their look and thus keep a feminine silhouette . There is still a point that women should be especially careful : the torso. A torso too V ( a back too developed ) gives a masculine which greatly limits the feminine silhouette .

So pay attention to the choice of exercises. Back to work , remove all movements with the arm above the head ( neck draw, draw chest , chin … ) . Likewise, it is best to limit training shoulders, not to become too ” square ” and break the silhouette.

This is an example of fairly simple full body workout program, use 2 to 3 times per week .

Women legs Training :

  • Squat 3 * 20 ( working throughout the thigh and buttocks a little )
  • Lunges with dumbbells while walking : 3 * 20 for the glutes and thighs
  • Leg curl: 3 * 12 for the hamstrings

Women chest Training :

  • Bench 3 * 10

Women Drive back :

  • Draw 3 horizontal * 10 ( working back in thickness and no width , so reducing the risk of accentuating the V back, also helps straighten shoulders )

Women shoulders Training :

  • Elevations post (bird) : 3 * 15 (for the back of the shoulders and straighten the upper back)
  • Side Elevations : 2 * 12

Women biceps Training :

  • Biceps curls dumbbells 3 * 10

Women Triceps Training :

  • Triceps extensions to the pulley 3 * 10

Women abs training :

  • Crunch abs 3 * 20

Note : Despite the rumors , work the pectoral muscles can not go back or to enlarged breasts . By cons , work area , straining the muscles , improves blood flow to that part of the body and have a slightly more toned skin.

For rest periods :

  • 2 min for lunges and squats
  • 1 min shoulder and abdominal
  • 1min30 for all other exercises