Women vs Bodybuilding

Nothing is more difficult to suggest a woman practicing traditional bodybuilding. Yet the female physique can only get better in the working muscles !
No, do exercises with weights is not going to turn you into a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger , give you big arms or legs of a shot putter !

Less feminine , really?

Women are afraid to muscles because they fear losing their femininity. What you should know is that the models , actresses or music stars that show a perfect body – that makes many envious – do all the muscle building. Clearly, they do weight training , the “fitness” or its derivatives.
These celebrities have voluntarily improved physically , often with the help of a coach , by musclant or becoming more athletic and slimmer .

Remember Madonna, the ” queen of pop “, with her ​​legs drawn , her shapely body and muscular arms ! This mother of two spends 2 hours a day to sculpt her body with fitness , pilates and jogging. Another example , actress Jessica Biel who is also at the gym for the third installment of the Blade trilogy. Cameron Diaz also one of the sexiest women of American cinema and a major sports and has made ​​the buzz by posting a very athletic physique. Finally, Demi Moore ! She has a lot of strength and endurance to see a sublime body in his films. Today ‘s drives are certainly less intensive , but still keeps in shape by practicing yoga and Pilates .

Anyway, times change, and the canons of beauty too. Today , physical prevail are those women who show a slim figure , firm and toned , with a little muscle but not too much.

Sculpt her body!

Lifting weights does not necessarily develop muscles. Indeed, muscle gain is a complex process that depends on several parameters such as the production of hormones, nutrition, and also how to lead. If all conditions are not in place, muscle growth will not occur or will be less. In short, it is very hard to gain muscle and you do not end up with good musculature of the day or next day without having longed.

women bodybulding
women bodybulding
And even if that were the case, gain muscle mass is any reversible way. If it is too muscular, just change the drive to reverse the trend.

Also, muscle growth is highly dependent hormones , including testosterone, the source of masculine characteristics : muscle , strength, deep voice , hair, etc. aggression . The woman has little of this hormone in it and is therefore constrained in terms of muscle gains .

Another key factor in muscle gain is nutrition. Without a good diet, rich in nutrients such as protein and calories, you can not gain muscle. In other words, if you feed little or if you are dieting , no chance to gain muscle size . You go the more you strengthen and draw you .

To gain muscle, how to lead is also capital. It should gradually increase the weight to force the muscles to grow. And even in doing so, not guaranteed to gain muscle .

As you can see , muscle development is a difficult and complex process.

Of course , some women are able to display extremely muscular physical, women bodybuilder , sometimes even more than a man. You should know that they use as their male counterparts , many performance-enhancing drugs , including the famous steroid , a synthetic version of testosterone. But without these dangerous and illegal products , they could not reach such levels . Therefore no risk of becoming like that …

Women: so do the training!

As you can see , ladies , you will not find yourself overnight with exaggerated musculature . Do weight training regularly will help you tone your muscles , making them stronger and get a patterned plastic and firm . Combined with endurance activities and a balanced diet , you will free of fat and destructive regimes, while gaining confidence in you.