5 Exercises for arm muscle

Exercises for arm muscle
exercises for arm muscle

Say goodbye to your flabby arms and your shoulders raplaplas. Just like the abs and buttocks, arms are a part of the body that you dream of having muscular without looking like He-Man. The solution: small targeted exercises that will sculpt your chest gently and permanently, your shoulders or your biceps. Find pretty muscular with our 5 gym exercises for arm muscle.

Exercise 1: all arms

Starting position: Stand with legs apart and semi-flexed, take a dumbbell (or a small or large bottle of water in the weight you can carry) in the right hand. Place your hand behind the neck. The left hand is placed on the hip and pelvis should remain Retroverted (forward).

Movement: stretch the right arm, without moving the elbow, in inspiration. Return to the starting position. Reverse the movement, bottle in his left hand. Repeat 15 times on each side.

Form idea: after a few sessions, increase the number of movements 5. Ditto for the weight of the dumbbell.

Exercise 2: for lovely chest

Starting position: Stand with legs apart semi-bent, dumbbells in hand (or small bottle of water), arms bent at right angles, elbows shoulder height, retroversion (forward) basin.

Movement: tighten the arms parallel in front of you as you exhale. Repeat 15 times.

Form idea: after a few sessions, work this year in the form of series. Eg 2 times 15 movements. And blow well between sets.

Exercise 3: plump shoulders

Starting position: standing, semi-flexed legs width apart hips, back straight, stick (or joystick) or cane in hand. Place the stick in the back of the hips, elbows bent.

Movement: Slowly raise your arms until they are straight in line with the body, then lean forward, back straight so that it is parallel to the ground. Return to the starting position. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise 4: tone arm

Starting position: standing, attached to 1.50 m of a tree or a wall feet, hands raised above, arms outstretched, tilted slightly and wrapped body to stimulate circulation.

Movement, keeping your elbows close to the body, slowly bend your arms up remaining sheathed. Hold for 5 seconds. Return to the starting position at the same rate. Repeat 10 times.

Council Form: be careful with your back. Find our exercises to relieve Backrelief.

Exercise 5: pretty biceps

Starting position: Stand with legs apart, semi-flexed, pelvis retroversion (front), 1.5 kg dumbbell in each hand (or water bottle 1,5 l), elbows close to the body, arms hanging along the body.

Movement: keeping arms close fitting, bend your elbows until your hands touch the shoulders. Breathe in the effort. Do 15 push-arm and then secure the right angle for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.